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Cassie Moats Cassie Moats 24 July 2020

My Theories regarding Super Mario Bros' Koopalings

I have these two theories regarding the Koopalings from Super Mario Bros. because I read on the Wiki's front page that I can't post my own fan theories...

I image the Koopalings were actually seven of Bowser's seven deadly sins brought to life by Kamek while he was bringing Bowser back to life after the events of Super Mario Bros.

Larry represents Bowser's Greed, Morton represents Bowser's Gluttony, Wendy represents Bowser's Lust for Princess Peach, Iggy (although not fully displayed) represents Bowser's Envy, Roy represents his Wrath towards the Mario Bros, Lemmy represents his Slothful nature and childish aspects and Ludwig obviously represents Bowser's Prideful and inner evil demenor. 

During the Koopalings time with Bowser, Kamek realized…

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Nighlocktheawesome Nighlocktheawesome 23 October 2018

Sofia the First Theory

Sofia the First

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Nighlocktheawesome Nighlocktheawesome 3 June 2018

Injustice Theory

Injustice: Gods Among Us Theory: Wonder Woman Gave Joker the Nuke in the Alternate Universe

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Jurrassicfox Jurrassicfox 19 April 2018

Survivors by Erin Hunter ~ WHO IS THE KILLER THEORY

Before you read this, watch this video:

Okay so you may notice I put a comment there with the EXACT information I put here. You can read that, instead of coming back here if you want, because it's the same thing. Don't go there and see that comment and accuse me of being some sort of stealer, please. I wrote that comment. Also, there are a couple of theorists in the comment section, so be sure to read all of them!

I do not own the video or artwork or music. The video belongs to Aliyah Mcdermott. The music and artwork are by various artists. Find her here:


Onward to the theory

Before I watched this, I assumed(and still am) that it'…

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Roger Decks Roger Decks 17 February 2018

GravityFalls Theory

Hello, how are you? My name is Roger, and I will tell you a theory I made of Gravity Falls.

Well, you probably remember Bill Cipher's death, but have you heard what he says about his death?

' More, what is AXOLOTL? I researched a little bit about what would be AXOLOTL, well, he's a sea salamander

Now, going forward, on the birthday of Dipper and Mabel, Stan calls Stanlee for a private chat,In this conversation Stan says that there are new anomalies in the Atlantic Ocean. Now think, Bill makes a kind of Ritual to revive, Stan talks about sea anomalies, does it mean that there is a new villain / monster for the Pines brothers to unravel? besides there is the famous theory of the 3 Season of Gravity Falls, or of a new series in the city of the D…

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Nighlocktheawesome Nighlocktheawesome 20 August 2017

My Little Pony Theory

See this.

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CartoonEverything CartoonEverything 11 June 2017

Loud Siblings Mental Disorder

All the Loud Family had different things, but they really have a MENTAL DISORTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here are the disorders.

  • Lori: OCD
  • Leni: Learning Disorder
  • Luna: Musical Disorder
  • Luan: ADHD
  • Lynn: PD (Personality Disorder)
  • Lincoln: Schizophrenia
  • Lucy: Depression
  • Lana: Eating Disorder
  • Lola: Narcissism
  • Lisa: Asperger

​Lily is the only one without a Mental Disorder.

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Lou342 Lou342 15 February 2016

Professor Pericles and the Evil Entity: the Second Coming!

The Evil Entity And Atlernative Professor Pericles is still alive in the black hole portal dimension.

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AustinDR AustinDR 9 June 2014

We Need More Fan Theories

In order to increase the viewings of this wiki, we need more theories.

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