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This page lists fan theories about the television series Blue's Clues.

Steve Is a Drug Addict

This theory has existed in various forms ever since the show's peak in the 1990s and has even been attributed to the popularity of drug-related rumors surrounding Steve's departure from the show. The version below was written by Wolvenfire86.

A few weeks ago, I was bedridden with a fever and could do nothing but watch old shows on cable. Blue's Clues was on. The theme of that episode was Safety. They had a toy fire truck and the little toy firemen told the kids to not play with matches. A picture of an ambulance was on the wall and that taught the kids to call 911 if there is an emergency…and then…

Steve gets a knock on the door. A cop is there to make sure he is safe. "…oh my God," I declared, "how did I not see this before? Steve lives in a crack house."

We all know that all these objects can’t talk. These are massive hallucinations in Steve’s burned out mind. Note that he is the only ‘real’ person in the show (usually). His own image of himself is left unaltered as he travels through a trippy world of bright colors. Seeing vivid colors is a common side-effect of hallucinogens and some narcotics. The music of Blue’s Clues is crap. Steve loves it. Another sign he is very, very high.

Steve sees inanimate objects as happy, friendly roommates who talk and even reproduce (Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper). These are severe hallucinations. In reality, he looks at a regular clock and starts talking to it, or he just stares and imagines a conversation in his head.

Every episode, Steve will jump into a painting and be “in that world” for a brief period. He is actually intoxicating himself on his couch and watching the picture until he hallucinates he is inside them.

Ever notice how he never gets his mail? His mail comes to him. Just pointing that out, can't explain that one.

And that child's voice you hear talking to Steve throughout the episode? That might be his neglected child, helplessly watching his dad feed his addiction, waiting for a chance to chime in with an answer when his dad occasionally acknowledges his existence with a question. Trainspotting anyone?

The cop that came to his door was real. He probably came to remind Steve that he is ruining the neighborhood and the force is one piece of evidence away from busting him. Steve, high as a kite, just smiles, tells the officer to have a nice day and if he knows what letter comes after ‘H’.

This one is a stretch but…Blue (his dog) is another hallucination. She’s Steve’s dog from when he was a kid combined with his favorite color and the game he liked the most when he was a boy.

Steve left for rehab (“college”) and left his brother Joe to take care for the house. But Joe starts to take these substances. Even if you disagree with me, I implore you to watch one episode with this theory in mind and tell me it doesn’t make the episodes more interesting.


A spinoff on this theory concludes that Steve's actions are all pretend; he is playing dumb simply because he is babysitting young children. This version of the theory has been covered in a Huffington Post article.