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A romance story about two stepsisters. One is the Student Council President of an academy, the other a gyaru.

Resolving Chapter 36

As the thirty-seventh chapter is due to be published in April of 2018, many people have conflicting theories in regards to how the previous chapter would be resolved, or if it leads to something completely going against expectation. In Chapter 36, Mei left home in order to physically admitting to Yuzu that she was in another arranged marriage. Given that the manga is criticized for its cliché tropes, there are two solutions: either Mei calls off the arranged marriage yet again - even if it damages her chances of inheriting the academy - or Yuzu interrupting the marriage at the last minute to make her younger sister reconsider. Some had even suggested that Mei could potentially decide to runaway with Yuzu, which would again destroy her chances of inheriting the school.

Alternatively, the writer of the yuri comic could also go against the readers' expectation, and end the manga on a bittersweet (or outright depressing) note.

Mei was Molested

This popular fan theory postulates on whether or not Mei was molested at a young age. One aspect of Mei's character is that she seems to be completely indifferent towards the advances of other people. When she was assigned to be married to Amimiya for instance, she doesn't resist the forceful kisses that he was giving to her, and later chastises Yuzu for never being kissed before, and demonstrates this by pinning Yuzu to the ground and continues to kiss her despite the displeasure that Yuzu was feeling. Or another instance is where after her father returned home, she attempts to proposition herself to Yuzu as a means coping about her father leaving again. In Chapter 13, Mei wishes to thank her stepsister for helping her with her daddy issues, as well as for saving her grandfather's life when he had an unpredictable accident. However, her definition of showing gratitude towards Yuzu is to once again proposition herself before her under the impression that she wanted to do this.

Mei is also noticeably aloof when it comes with other people, even when in terms of her childhood friend Himeko. All this could entail that something traumatizing happened to Mei, but it is unknown whether it is because she was groomed to become like this for the sake of the Aihara name, or if she were raped. Either case would explain Mei's familiarity with sex as when she first tried to proposition herself to Yuzu, she assures her that she would be gentle on her since it was her "first time."