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Danger mouse is an old tv show about a secret agent mouse and his assistant Penfold as they stop villains from taking over the world, including Greenback.


Before the events of the show, Danger Mouse and Greenback were in a brief romantic relationship. Danger Mouse broke up with Greenback after realizing he had a short fuse, destructive behavior and a mental disorder. Danger Mouse eventually fell in love with Penfold and married him. Greenback got really mad about this that he became evil and all plots he made to take over the world was really to lure Danger Mouse to him and kill him. Stiletto is Greenback's new boyfriend. The only reason Greenback started dating Stiletto( Stiletto does not love Greenback)is so he could know what it is like to be loved by another man again. The way Greenback treats Stiletto is the same way he used to treat Danger Mouse.


In the reboot of the series, there is an episode where it is revealed that Danger Mouse is gay when it says that Penfold is his husband. Besides this, there is no real proof to this theory, but it makes perfect sense.