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Counter to Point 2

"The name "Free Country, USA" implies extreme patriotism to the point of potential propaganda, meaning that the US government might be responsible for whatever it is that's going on down there. Will we be seeing amputee telepaths and wrestlemen deployed in Iraq?"

  • Um, you seem to be forgetting something. We've only see Crack Stuntman's upper body. I have a feeling that from the waist down he looks like Da Huuuuuuuuuudge. Return

Rebuttals to Counter-points

Rebuttal to Counter-point 3

"What about Strong Mad? Super strong, too dumb to disobey orders, pretty much invincible? If beings like that existed, I can imagine quite a few governments willing to strap a helmet on them (somehow...) and point them at their enemies."

  • Sadly, they would be too easy to trick: all they would have to do is broadcast video and audio of The Cheat, and the Strong Mads will run joyously into enemy fire. Return