Do you see it?

 Ness...Ness...It hurts...


Giygas is the antagonist of the EarthBound video game series. Giygas is known for being greatly unsettling in appearance, and for being inspired from a scene from a movie in which its creator assumed was a rape scene.

The main gist for the video game series is that Ness and his allies had to go back in time in order to stop Giygas from becoming the new Devil. This theory essentially entails that Giygas was actually a fetus-like being, and that Ness and his friends went back in time to "abort" him.

One of the chief clues regarding this theory is the fact that the player faces Giygas in a cervix-like setting, and that the images of Giygas during the fight supposedly reveal the ultrasound image of an unborn child.

This theory has since been debunked.