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Five Nights At Candys Takes Place At Candys Burgers And Fries One Of The Phone Calls Says "Freddy Fazbears Pizza" So Maybe Five Nights At Candys And Five Nights At Freddys Might Connect Somehow Or Might Be In The Same Universe In the game over screen we see the newspaper of Five Nights At Freddys 2 So five Nights At Candys Might Have Happned Right After Five Nights At Freddys 2 After Five Nights At Freddys So What Else Connects One Of The Phone Calls In The Game "Those Nights At Rachels" Says The Name "Freddy Fazbears pizza" so Five Nights At Candys And Those Nights At Rachels Might Be In The Same Universe And What Else Connects In The Game "One Night At Flumptys 2" We See Freddys Head On A Mantel So One Night At Flumptys 2 Connects with Five Nights At Freddys 2 And what else connects in the game "Return To Freddys 2" The Phone Guy Says The 2nd Location Is Leaking On The Roof And There Is Toxic In The Freddy Mask And They Find The Old Anmatronics so Return To Freddys 2 Connects With Five Nights At Freddys so what about Five Nights At Tresure Island Well The Phone Guy Says Nothing About Freddy Fazbears But i think it is in the same universe with five nights at candys and five nights at freddys and the other games and The Joy Of Creation Reborn Might Connect To The Five Nights At Freddys Universe The Proof That Freddy And The Rest Of The Gang Are Now Old And Rusty And Are In A House My Theory Is That Someone Found them in the 1st Location the person puts the anmatronics in his car and puts them in his house and at night the anmatronic characters come to life and attack the person that brought them to his house


Five Nights At Freddys/Five Nights At Freddys 2/Five Nights At Candys/Those Nights At Rachels/Return To Freddys 2/One Night At Flumptys 2/The Joy Of Creation Reborn

Videos of it


Five nights at candy's phone call night 1


Those Nights at Rachel's Night 1, 2, 3 Gameplay (Full Game)


One Night at Flumpty's 2 (No Commentary)


The joy of creation full gameplay WARNING!!! LOTS OF JUMPSCARES no commentary