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This page lists fan theories about the Grubhub advertisement Delivery Dance.

The Death Theory

The Gist of It

This theory posits that the people in the advertisement are actually dead in reality and that the lives they lead there actually take place in a purgatory-like setting.

Full Summary

  • The two sushi eaters, named Marc Jost and Wanda Nelly, were walking home from a sushi restaurant when a gang of four men attacked them. Marc Jost survived and called the ambulance from his phone but he died due to complications from the incident as doctors were unable to stop the internal bleeding.
  • The salad girl, named Nancy Weiss, discovered that her husband named David Caper was cheating on her with another woman named Sandy. Nancy was upset and so she kicked David out of the house. But unfortunately, Nancy fell into a deep depression after the incident and started eating. Five months after she divorced David, Nancy was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and died from complications three years later.
  • The milkshake girl, named Natalie Sanchez had gotten pregnant from her husband named Matthew Saunders. Things were going well until seven months into her pregnancy when she found blood on her couch, she told her husband that and he drove her to the hospital, but unfortunately another car crashed onto their car and Natalie died instantly. Matthew fell into a deep depression after this. He fell into a deep pit with alcoholism, a pit that he would eventually succumb to, when he took his own life, nearly 5 months after the crash.
  • The chicken sandwich man is Matthew Saunders, the chicken sandwich represents his job that he worked for before the crash.
  • The little boy is unknown how he fits into the theory, but it is speculated that he is Natalie and Matthew's unborn son.


  • the characters in the ad move uncannily.