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Robin Had A Child

Robin Scherbatsky was the original and ultimate love of Ted's life. It is clear to see when watching though she very clearly does not like children. Some say it is because of her tough exterior; however, whenever you see her interact with a child, for example, Marvin, she doesn't necessarily dislike him but is more afraid to be alone with him. Even when she discovers she cannot have children she does not seem happy about this but actually rather sad.

My theory states that Robin actually had a baby back when she lived in Canada but the baby either died in the room or shortly after it was born. This also goes to imply the reason she has a fear of holding babies is that she never got to hold her own baby.
Ted is LYING?! (How I Met Your Mother Conspiracy Theory)
Ted is LYING?! (How I Met Your Mother Conspiracy Theory)

Why this works.

  • She has a fear of holding babies. This could be because she never got a chance to hold her own baby.
  • She moved out of her father's house. Robin's father clearly always wanted a boy, and as boys cannot become pregnant, he made Robin feel ashamed of her pregnancy.
  • She changed her music career from pop to grunge. Could this be because of her depression over her loss of a child?
  • She hates talking about babies. Maybe because she felt it was too much of a reminder.
  • She's upset over never being able to bear children as now she will never get to become a mother.
  • She leaves Canada despite the fact that she is very patriotic. Maybe because she needed to leave the constant reminder of her loss.
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