Fan Theories Wiki

First of all, let me just say: I’m probably crazy, and these songs have nothing to do with each other. But it’s always fun to pretend! Right?

The theory is that most of TheFatRat songs are a [fake] timeline of Laura Brehm’s life!

It all starts with XENOGENESIS! Xenogenesis represents Laura Brehm’s birth, and death of her mother. It starts out slow. This is when Laura Brehm is first created. When you hear the first big sounding part (56 seconds in the song) That’s when the mom has found out that she IS having a baby. And then the sounds of a synthesiser are the happiness from the mother and relatives. But when you hear the loud POP then that’s when Laura is born. Then you hear more synthesiser hoopla. But then… in the end, it all ends sad when is slowly fades out. This is when Laura’s mom is dead. She died in childbirth.

The timeline then continues with “Unity” and “Dancing Naked”. They both symbolize the happiness of Laura’s early life. The time of being a baby. I’m not sure which one would come first, so I just put them both at the same time.

Next up is Never Be Alone. Laura is somewhere around 8 now. She has an amazing unnamed friend-boy (boy that is a friend, but not a boyfriend). Even though the singing in Never Be Alone is definitely a girl’s voice, I am still saying that the boy is singing to Laura about how he will never leave her.

Timelapse-- Basically just timelapses past about 20 years of Laura’s life.

Monody comes right after timelapse. Laura’s friend has gone missing. And she is singing about how she misses him and longs to find him. Lines like “I still hear you in the breeze” point to this conclusion.

NoNoNo is a mourning of the missing of her friend, nothing else to say about it.

Infinite Power. After Laura quit her great job to find her friend, she finds him dead. She is officially depressed, and thinks about suicide. She doesn’t, instead she finds a drug-lord saying that if she works for him, she could have as much power as she ever dreamed.

TheCalling. This is all about after she accepts the job offer. She talks about stealing diamonds and gold, at night, in the dark.

Windfall. This one is a MAJOR stretch. While stealing things for the drug-lord, she is caught by the police. (I come to this conclusion because lines like “Take to the skies” in The Calling. And the name: Windfall point toward this. Skies, Wind. Fall.) Anyways, she is doing alright in the beginning of the song. Stealing things, getting away with it. But then she gets caught. She is then shot. And bleeds to death in a museum while trying to steal artifacts. The grindy part in Windfall is when the cops find her and shoot her. Then it ends. Laura is dead.