As crazy as I seem I think I have a hint to The Incredibles 2. Look at the picture of when the couple from Up were looking at the clouds right before it turns into babies it looks like regular clouds. But if you look closely the clouds sort of look like babies. If you actually look at the one in the lower right there is a cloud that seems to have a nose eyes and a smiling face. It has a round head but a little bump on it's head on the top and looks like a piece of hair. Now this looks like jack-jack from The Incredibles. Before you comment against my comment disney has made various hints to sequels in their films. For examples Monsters Inc. has a scene where the girl is holding Nemo from Finding Nemo, the film was released before the movie has even came out. In the Toy Story movie series you could see a few characters from Cars 2. I believe the scene was in Toy Story 3 before Cars 2 has even came out. Maybe this is another hint disney had put into the movies even though this was in 2009 and this is 2013, look back into the Monsters Inc. part noticing that Monsters Inc. was made in 2001 and Finding Nemo was made in 2003 then they made yet a new movie called Monsters University coming out this 2013. So this is my theory on The Incredibles 2 and I hope other people find it interesting.