Johnny Bravo

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If you lived in the early 2000's then you must've been aware of the Hanna-Barbara/Cartoon Network show, Johnny Bravo. A show about an awkward sunglasses-wearing, muscular, narcissistic, and dimwitted self-proclaimed womanizing, Elvis Presley impersonator who seems to fail at getting the ladies. But we think there is a reason behind all that.

Johnny is Just a Kid with a Big Imagination

This theory suggest that Johnny Bravo is just a 6 year old kid who impersonates famous rock musicians or pretending to do things he saw on TV, like making poses or flexing his muscles. This would explain why Johnny still lives at home with his mother and why his only friend is the neighbor's daughter, Little Suzy. It also is probably the biggest reason why Johnny never gets the ladies, as when every he hits on them, they pass it off as him playing and being cute, or just simply ignore him.

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