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i have a theory that may or may not be true

The Theory

As indicated by the title, this theory says most of undertale never happened;here is why I think this

Well first who could survive the mount ebot? Fall without some coma even flowers or not.

This explains why frisk has always got their eyes closed and everyone else doesn't

Info that leads to it

  • Frisk always has their eyes closed
  • No one could survive the fall without going into a coma even with flowers
  • maybe undertale is kind of weird like a dream
  • In the true pacifist route at the end you wake up on the flower bed but they say you were asleep for ages like a coma for a long time
  • They were worried you didn't wake up

The Routes


The monsters did exist but found frisk and found out their name

The only thing that is real is when you leave and we're just in q coma state or a dream

True pacifist route

Its probably the same as neutral when you can stay or leave is real


Now, genocide is different. Chara did exist; the reason frisk dreamt about their friends he must have read about the human monster war and climed mt.Ebot to find more and fell and dreamt about Chara as an evildoer and thought of flowey as Chara. They maybe caught a glimpse of their friends but went into a coma so they saw their friends while falling and caught one glimpse.

This is my theory it may or may not be true. Idk, but isn't Undertale too wacky to be true?