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The popular TV show "Spongebob Squarepants" has a main character known as "Patrick Star" who was featured in an episode called "Patrick Smartpants" in which Patrick falls of a cliff, losing his head, including his brain. Trying to help him find his head, Spongebob picks up the wrong one. Patrick then becomes intelligent, disappointing Spongebob, so Spongebob helps Patrick "re-step" and find his "correct" head, but maybe not?

My theory has been researched. Have you realized how over time Patrick Star is getting more childish and Dumber? This Might explain why. Before the episode I talked about, Patrick Star is less childish, with ideas in episodes, that help the plots of the episode and helpful advice

The difference between these eras is noticeable:

Too Stupid (2016) pic 1

Helpful (1999) pic 2

More Clues?- After this incident Patrick has different head and brain features including specs,length and color, here is some picture evidence-

  1. Two specks,longer head, (between incident)

    Pic 4

  2. lighter skin tone. pic 3

    Pic 3

Pic 5

3. Two specks,even lighter pink (After incident)

4. shorter head. pic 4

5. One speck,dark pink (Original)

6. Shortest head. pic 5

While trying to find Patrick's "real head" after the incident, Spongebob could have picked up a child's head by chance and put it on him. Starfish have lots of adaptation traits, including camouflage, so Patrick might have adapted to the color in order of camouflage. If this theory doesn't make sense, then I have a better reason:

Perhaps it did not happen in that era. An episode titled "WhirlyBrains" was released 2017 and featured a product that was able to detach their brain and fly it, at the end of the episode they have their brains taken and put in a barrel with all sort of brains mostly belonging to KIDS, if you review the spongebob movie, the smoke detector brought back lots of starfish and could have produced children. Maybe it used the product? The reason for his stupidity, if that didn't happen during that era, is adaptation to Spongebob's personality. How old can Patrick be while still wearing diapers? Except one problem. Big Sister Sam...

Big Sister Sam is much stupider than Patrick, but in different ways including speech problems, mood swings , and an infantile personality. She is older than Patrick and it is possible that she did the exact same thing. As you might have known, Sam wanders out, and there was a sign in the middle of no-where that said "Danger Cliff". Why would that sign be there randomly if there was not an accident? But if she did not lose her head, it caused Autism before Patrick was born.

If none of these make sense, then consider the possibility that it never happened at all and he obtained his stupidity by adaption through living with his sister.

Patrick Thinking.png