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Don't you love the planet you live on? you know planet earth. Well this planet you call home is just a lie, you live on a giant rock that is painted over with life by beings called Creador de vida and they painted over the rock you called Earth. Nura reta iwa is what they called your planet, You are all toys to them you are just dolls in a giant test.

The Creador de vida's made everything you see. They are the real gods, If you die you going against the rules of the gods.

The gods are very simple and not simple at the same time. Take your life you will be punished, Get your life taken you will be punished. Live longer more of the chances you will get a better ending for your new life when you die.

In the year of 3018 the gods are gonna reform the planet named Earth and any planet near it but not the sun. The sun is called Niño sol thanks to the gods, the gods use the sun to make planets or remake planets and that's how dinosaurs had left the planet by being remade. The bones left on the planet now are some of the dinosaurs were left to be seen by the humans and humans are called tou anthrópou by the gods.

Stars are towns filled with gods, the moon has one god called Luna estrella rey. This god can also be called Luna the god of the moon star. If you don't pray to Luna at least once a month you will get punished by the Niño sol will come closer to burst the earth rock.

The more people die more the gods become more angry with this test of humans. Soon this test will stop and the gods will stop caring and will let all the planets die off and make better creatures. The god of light and dark called Sinini Cenu coppi will never stop loving humans but will do sins to make the world of earth bad and good.