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This Pokémon theory talks about the main characters and player characters in game! An example of a main character or player character in game is Red! The question is, did you really play as him or did you play as yourself as a soul in the pokémon universe?

What if I told you that there was a legendary pokémon out there that could do the move heart swap with the manaphy movie effect in game? If you haven't seen the manaphy movie, what I'm referring to is how the characters switch souls and voices in the movie by using the move heart swap. The reason why I'm telling you this is how you, the player gets tossed into the game into a particular setting. Sometimes you are introduced to the pokémon professor in a questionable room, but what if what you're seeing then and there was an illusion made by a pokémon that's asking you which body do you want to take over next?


Sure, alola is different, but that's because the pokémon is able to edit the real professor Kukui's mind with how the player character looked or acted from past, present, to future! Also, pokémon sun, pokémon moon, pokémon ultra sun, and pokémon ultra moon have more dialogue because the legendary pokémon that's getting you to switch bodies is able to find characters that have similar voices. Anyways, going back to Red, the question is what if his body is silent because he tries his best to conceal his voice that is yours? What if he's silent because he was the first to heart swap with you and he asked the pokémon that knew heart swap for himself to become champion?

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In the pokémon universe, your soul in your body gets swapped with Red's soul from his body in pokémon red version. Then after that (in the next generation), your soul inside of Red's body gets swapped with Ethan's soul inside of his body in pokémon gold and pokémon silver, then Ethan's soul in that body (which is your soul) gets switched with Kris' soul from pokémon crystal and it goes on from generation to generation. Basically, this is the reason why the player character either can't talk well or speak as well as a normal human being. It's because of all the switching their voices are doing.

I know what you're going to ask: What's the reason for all this? Well, each player character has their own dreams, but they can't seem to get to them. Thus, they ask the legendary pokémon to become champion or to become a pokémon master and the pokémon grants their wish by having them switch bodies with you in the pokémon universe.

 So in an overall, the professors in the start of the game are illusions created by a legendary pokémon that is asking you to heart swap into a different body (the player character's body). Cool, right?

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