Could the famous kid show/video game series Pokemon be a post-apocalyptic world?


While this is likely untrue, let's think about this for a second. The Pokemon found in-game all appear to be of an animal, or in inanimate object. A nuclear war may have cominsed, causing a fallout upon modern-day reality. This would explain the creation of Pokemon. Some humans survived, and carried on with life. Pokemon, or mutated animals, came along, and they humans re-invinted the taming of animals, or in this case, Pokemon. Technolagy evolved along with the people and Pokemon, and thus resulted in a much better world. A world with Pokemon. Also, some of the regions are in the shape of parts of Japan. This could lead to the fact that there is a whole world of Pokemon, with billions of races, and billions of people. Also, some areas (Such as the Undersea temple, and the temples in the Johto region where you do the Arceus event (Sorry, I forget the name).) may have to do with time such as now. Is Pokemon a post-apocalyptic world? You decide.

It is also possible that the war is more recent, and that is why Ash has no father (he died in the war) and why most people are either young or very old or with jobs that relate to the military (nurses, soldiers etc.)

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