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This ‘FanTheory’ pertains the shows Portlandia and The Kroll Show. 

In this FT these shows are in the same universe…  How?  Why?

  • 1. The three lead characters of these shows, Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen and Nick Kroll, play the majority of the characters alongside a few friends. 
  • 2. In this universe something terrible happened on the west coast leading everyone and all souls to leave with the exception of three wise souls and their reluctant friends. 
  • 3. In order rebuild the society that they had lost, the only sufficient thing to do was BE everyone in society(with some help from a few reluctant friends). 
  • 4. THEY GOTZ THE SAME JUDGE IN BOTH SHOWZ(John Levenstein)…  (possibly God, which they had severely cursed at the realization of total destruction!)

Whoop There it Is. Short and Sweet.