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I'm not the author of this theory. Here is the original author:

One of my favorite cartoon is Batman. Watching episodes in adulthood, I still think so. However, I noticed some interesting things and I write this theory. Each character is part of the story of Dick Greyson, a comic Robin. Dick, it's a rape victim, from the rich Bruce. Instead of writing the whole story, I will describe the characters seen in the cartoon and what they really are.

Batman / Bruce Wayne - When he was little he saw the murder of his alcoholic father by gangsters who was owed money. When he became a millionaire. He bought a teenage dick and molested him sexually. He is seen by him as a bat because he wears sodomy costumes.

Dick Greyson - Gotham City is the world seen through his eyes. He is a schizophrenic and drug addict. He sees good people as bad. Perhaps that is why his assailant helps. He's 14 years old and has been serving Bruce for four years as a "sex toy";

Alfred, Inhuman rapist

Alfred - Bruce's servant and inhuman rapist;

Gordon - Alfons - policeman. In exchange for bribes "forgets" about rape on Dick;

Batgirl - Prostitute working for Gordon;

Joker - A nice detective trying to expose Wayne. Robin perceives him as evil because he can not live without Wayne;

Harley Queen - Joker's wife;

Ridler - Joker's Friend and math genius. He used to work for B, but he slowed down because his employer was bullying him.

Penguin - a rich businessman who professionally catches pedophiles as part of revenge for making children hurt. Robin sees him as a penguin, for he remembers.

Two faces - a friend of Bruce who also liked to load Robin in cocoa. He liked it because he does not do it now, because he is trying to fight his pedophilia.

Ra's al Ghul - head of Nobody's Children Foundation.

Scarecrow - pedophile hunter.

Bane - a dummy mannequin stolen by Bruce from the museum.

Here is one of the theories. Regards.