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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 development theory.

    So, there is still some debate on this topic, I will say what I think it would of been like if it was finished. This does contain some information that we know of.

Early conpects

A early conpect was indeed time travel. This was uncovered May of 2017.


Ruined present



As you can see, time travel worked differently than in Sonic CD. ===Zones (Simon Wai/beta zones. In level order.)===

Green Hill Zone

  • Is a early version of Emerald Hill.

Neo Green Hill Zone

  • Is a early version of Aquatic Ruin.

Wood Zone

  • One of the beta zones.
  • Has a wooden maze theme.
  • Boss is called Saw Eggman.

Casino Night Zone

  • Has a pink card art style.

Hill Top Zone

  • Not much of a change.

Mystic Cave Zone

  • Not much change.

Dust Hill Zone

  • It is a desert level with some underground sections.

Oil Ocean Zone

  • Has a rolling ball gimmick.

Metropolis Zone

  • Has only 2 acts.

Cyber City Zone/ Genocide City Zone

  • Became Metropolis Zone Act 3 in the final.

Sky Chase and Wing Fortress

  • Almost no changes

Death Egg Zone

  • Has 3 acts, the first 2 being what became Chemical Plant Zone, and the 3rd act is the final game's Death Egg Zone.