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In the show "Spongebob Squarepants", there is a character named "Old Man Jenkins" whom we see throughout the show as the "old timer" of the town. But why is he popping up as different old people? I might know what you're thinking: " What of it? We see all the old people in the same spot sometimes". Well, that wasn't proven to be the old man himself. Jenkins , in some situations, can be the only one that knows what to do. But why? Could he be the one that has experienced it before?

My theory states that Jenkins could be so smart, that he switches bodies with other old people to stay alive In another situation like that, he could have been alive for generations, but who am I to say? Need an example? Ok...

old man jenkins is a different character every time..


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he decided to help spongebob and patrick when the episode "the main drain" was happening, guess what? That same thing happened with mr.Krabs and Plankton while they're kids, when jenkins was still as old as he is and had experienced that event, he was trying to stop it from happening again. Another one maybe? Ok... In the episode "friend or foe" jenkins dies because a sandwich, why isnt he dead now. You're probably saying "because that could be his grandpa" well the probability of his GRANDSON looking exactaly the same is 500:100,000 (researched) if its his dad then the probability is 1000:10,000 which is a very easy chance but mr.krabs is 70, and jenkins was old when they were kids.. Any words? Yah.. And in "mad snail disease" the "different" jenkins said "if you could could take out your eyeball out and put it on us, wouldnt that make YOU A ZOMBIE???" That simple sentence says a lot of backstory. You might say HOW "does that show backstory?" Well think about it, he could have seen it happen or knows his sh** cause who says that smart/stupid stuff other than a man full of wisdom and memory.