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The Amazing World Of Gumball is set in puppet world

Non-main characters in the Amazing World Of Gumball don't seem bothered by the many crimes and misadventures of the Watterson Family. I've been thinking of a theory that explains why for a long time.

In each episode, the story starts with either Gumball or Darwin harassing other characters. In some episodes, supporting characters usually get hurt by them, or even killed off. However, the two never compensate for their wrong-doings. Out of all characters, Gumball, Darwin and their father seem to be the only ones with paranoid mindsets, while other characters often get annoyed or just stay as normal beings while meeting them (eg. Hot Dog Guy, Jeff and Susan Benson, Julius Oppenheimer Jr, Penny). The theory is this: the world of Elmore exists only in Wattersons' mind, as the result of entering a coma during an accident. 

Throughout an episode Rob appears in, no one seems to be scared of what's happening unless Gumball is in the subject. Many supporting characters are like "Let's just chill while Gumball and Darwin solve the problem".

Rob, the guy who appears as the antagonist of the show in later episodes, isn't actually a villain at all. In Season 1, he's seen as an ordinary sociopathic kid who appears as the puppet of Gumball's show. However, he was chosen to be Gumball's assassin. While tending to assassinate Gumball, the World of Elmore is fading away, because Gumball, the creator of this universe, isn't there. Apart from Elmore, there isn't sign of any other towns.