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Temple of the Sacred Sword

The Temple of the Sacred Sword is a location from Hyrule Warriors and the resting place of the Master Sword, hence the name. The final fragment of Ganondorf's soul is held here, kept under a barrier sealed by the Master Sword.

Sacred Grove

It is possible and likely that this temple was build on the Sacred Grove and the remains of the

Temple of the Sacred Sword.jpg

Temple of Time from Twilight Princess (which appears as a past era in Hyrule Warriors). Evidence of this is found in the sacred pedestal chamber (the sacred pedestal itself is likely the Pedestal of Time), which is overgrown with plant life which the rest of the temple lacks. Also the temple is said to have been built on holy ground, both the Sacred Grove and the Temple of Time fit that description, as the Temple of Time was originally built on the entrance to the Sacred Realm where the Triforce originated. The Sacred Grove was all that remained of the original temple and possibly the original Hyrule Castle Town (as Hyrule Castle in Twilight Princess is closer to Lake Hylia indicating that the original castle and town where likely abandoned at some point between Ocarina of Time & Twilight Princess).

=Temple of Time Restored

If the Temple was built on the Sacred Grove, then it may possibly be an attempt to rebuild the Temple of Time and the buildings surrounding it may have been an attempt to rebuild Hyrule Castle Town but the plan to rebuild the town was either abandoned or the town was simply built to house the builders/engineers/craftsmen (and possibly Hyrulean Soldiers) while they were constructing the current Temple or to act as fortifications to assist the Ghost Forces in repelling their enemies outside the Temple. After Ganondorf's Soul Fragment was sealed within the Temple by the Master Sword, the temple was likely abandoned to prevent Ganondorf's escape and due to the likelihood of Ganondorf's minions may try to attack the temple to free their Master's soul (which is same reason why the Ghost Forces remained behind to defend the Temple from trespassers and monsters). Evidence that it is the reconstruction of the Temple of Time is the Door of Time that is the door to the Sacred Pedestal chamber and the main Temple's overall emptiness (a trait of the original Temple from Ocarina of Time). It is likely that over time the rebuilt Temple of Time simply became known as the Temple of the Sacred Sword due to its role in housing the Blade of Evil's Bane which kept King of Evil under seal and/or is simply another name for the Temple of Time.