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Thomas the Tank Engine is a Slave

The Gist of it

The Fat Controller - also known as Sir Topham Hatt- is a cruel dictator, and the trains he "employs" are little more than slaves brainwashed to fear and love him, despite his demonstrated willingness to dispose of them when they are either no longer able or willing to serve him.


Give this some thought--what would happen if one of the engines in Thomas the Tank Engine decided he no longer


wanted to work for the Fat Controller?  In the case of Henry, who in one episode didn't want to go out in the rain, the controller orders him to be bricked into a tunnel and essentially buried alive). You can't really argue that the trains are the property of the controller. If they are sentient beings capable of independent thoughts, emotions, and relationships, then forcing them to work there amounts to slavery.

Are you stupid? What the frick is this rubbish. Whoever wrote this must have never read a book, watched an episode, or anything or that he's just an idiotic little piece of crap who lives in his dad's basement where all he does is just watch NSFW and all the other rubbish, this guy is just annoying!

- Ferrari Fan 488, 11/3/21

This isn't a "fan" theory at all, it misses the point of the show that fans love. This is more of a hater theory than a fan theory, because any actual fan of the show will see this is bullshit.

- Ssdofjasdiofji, 11/4/21

I agree with Ssdofjasdiofji.

- Ferrari Fan 488, 11/7/21

So do I. This crappy theory is so bullcrap it make MostAmazingTop10's Top 10 Scariest Thomas The Tank Engine Theories video look awesome in comparrsion.

- IslandOfSodorFilms, 11/12/2021

Edward, Henry, and Gordon is invalid to this c**t.

- Ferrari Fan 488, 1/7/22