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I have these two theories regarding the Koopalings from Super Mario Bros. because I read on the Wiki's front page that I can't post my own fan theories...

Theory 1: The Koopalings are repersentations of Bowser's Seven Sins.

I image the Koopalings were actually seven of Bowser's seven deadly sins brought to life by Kamek while he was bringing Bowser back to life after the events of Super Mario Bros.

Larry represents Bowser's Greed, Morton represents Bowser's Gluttony, Wendy represents Bowser's Lust for Princess Peach, Iggy (although not fully displayed) represents Bowser's Envy, Roy represents his Wrath towards the Mario Bros, Lemmy represents his Slothful nature and childish aspects and Ludwig obviously represents Bowser's Prideful and inner evil demenor. 

During the Koopalings time with Bowser, Kamek realized that he wasn't acting as ruthless as he usually is and during another Bowser resurection after the Hotel Mario flop, the Koopalings unknownly gotten transported into Bowser's brain where after this, Bowser in return began acting more deviant during the years the Koopalings were absent is actually because they were in Bowser's psyche. By the time Superstar Saga came around, the seven managed to find a way out of Bowser's psyche and from New Super Mario Bros Wii onwards...they are returning to cause chaos and or provide assistance to Bowser Jr.

Theory 2: The Koopalings are rencarnations of Deceased Human Siblings