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Hello, how are you? My name is Roger, and I will tell you a theory I made of Gravity Falls.

Well, you probably remember Bill Cipher's death, but have you heard what he says about his death?

 More, what is AXOLOTL? I researched a little bit about what would be AXOLOTL, well, he's a sea salamander

Now, going forward, on the birthday of Dipper and Mabel, Stan calls Stanlee for a private chat,In this conversation Stan says that there are new anomalies in the Atlantic Ocean. Now think, Bill makes a kind of Ritual to revive, Stan talks about sea anomalies, does it mean that there is a new villain / monster for the Pines brothers to unravel? besides there is the famous theory of the 3 Season of Gravity Falls, or of a new series in the city of the Dipper and the Mabel

Now, is Bill alive? If this monster exists, will it partner with Bill? Well, only time will tell...

Bye, thanks for reading the theory, so, what do you think? Do you agree with her?

Axolotl - Salamander Sea