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Exodia is God

Exodia is described as being an unstoppable mystical being that effortlessly dominates every monster in a player's set. This is why one would automatically win if they had this card in his or her possession. This seems to be out-of-place considering the religion at the time, but it fits in perfectly regarding a monotheistic one. It is believed that Exodia is actually supposed to be the Abrahamic God, YHWH, and that his name derives from the Hebrew word for "large departure".

Many Yugioh Duel Monsters Characters Are Reincarnations

Priest Step is the counterpart of Kaiba, Atem is Yugi, Ishizu an Isis are very similar, and Akhnadin is very similar to Pegasus as they both use the Millennium Eye, their designs are very similar, and they both turn to evil for their loved ones: Pegasus for Cecilia and Akhnadin for Seto. And obviously Mahad and Mana are Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl.